Our Undrinkable Ocean

While a majority of the planet is covered with water, it is undrinkable due to the presence of salt at a rate of 36 parts salt to 1000 parts water. That may not seem like a lot, but it means that you would be able to wash down 4 family sized bags of potato chips per cup of water.

Tomorrow we are taking the metro all the way to the Montgomery County Recycling Center. This is a huge part of our conservation unit, and allows us to see where our recycled goods end up, not to mention how many people are involved in the process of recycling!

Food Drive

We are collecting food donations for Martha’s Table! The Hummingbirds are in charge of collecting dried fruits, healthy snacks and nuts! The class that collects the most gets a free dress day as well.

Mexican Sugar Skulls

Emma’s mother, Patricia, came over to our classroom to do an amazing art lesson where the children were able to design their own Dias de los Muertos sugar skull drawings. Sugar skulls became popular decorations when the Mexican churchgoers couldn’t afford imported European church decorations. They are intricately made and decorated, and left on the gravestone as a gift to that spirit. Please stop by and see them!