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Our Undrinkable Ocean

While a majority of the planet is covered with water, it is undrinkable due to the presence of salt at a rate of 36 parts salt to 1000 parts water. That may not seem like a lot, but it means that you would be able to wash down 4 family sized bags of potato chips per cup of water.

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Our readaloud has been the Fantastic Mr. Fox. Written by Roald Dahl and illustrated by the amazing Quentin Blake, it’s a short story about a wily fox who’s days of thieving may have caught up to him. The characters are amazingly realized and Dahl has a flair for voice and world building. Please check it out if you haven’t! The movie is also incredible!

Night Train 57

Today we were lucky enough to visit a performance at the Kennedy Center of Night Train 57, a folk opera. I was super impressed with both the performers and the behavior of our Helpful Hummingbirds. If you talk to your children about it, let them know that they filled my bucket all the way today.


Fall is upon us and it is officially apple season! Today we taste tested four different varieties of apples and wrote down adjectives to describe each one. My favorite is the Honey Crisp!

Sammy Lee

Sammy Lee is our current American Hero. His life is absolutely incredible, not only did he learn to dive in restricted public pools and later a pit filled with sand, he also received his medical degree, served in the army, won two gold medals and went on to train Greg Louganis.

Germ Study UPDATE

Today we received our agar dishes! We collected germs from 5 locations: the trash can, the bathroom floor, Akiva’s nose, Catarina’s mouth and our drinking fountain. We took guesses as to which location has the most germs and we will check when we get back on Monday which location is officially the grossest!

Update: Our germs have grown and bloomed. The results were truly disgusting. Far and away, the grossest and highest collection of germs is the drinking fountains,¬†followed by the trash cans, then Akiva’s nose, the toilet floor, and cleanest of all and barely registering any germs is Catarina’s mouth! ¬†Photos will be uploaded soon!