Farfallina and Marcel

Our book for this week’s Change’s in Nature read is Farfallina and Marcel, a story about two unlikely friends who experience major changes together. The Hummingbirds will try to determine how each character grows and changes in similar ways, and how they change in different ways.

Last Stop on Market Street

CJ and his grandmother make their way home after church and they encounter various people on their trip. CJ wonders why he has to take the bus when his friend is able to take a car, and grandmother explains all that he would miss if he hadn’t ridden the bus. This is a sweet book that explores the relationship between generations living in a vibrant city.

Sam and the Lucky Money

Sam and the Lucky Money tells the story of a young boy who receives some money for the Chinese New Year. When he encounters a homeless man on the street, Sam is forced to think about the true value of his money. This is a difficult text for any student to tackle and definitely warrants some additional talks at home.

My Rows and Piles of Coins

“I emptied my secret money box, arranged the coins in piles and the piles in rows . . .” The market is full of wonderful things, but Saruni is saving his precious coins for a red and blue bicycle. How happy he will be when he can help his mother carry heavy loads to market on his very own bicycle-and how disappointed he is to discover that he hasn’t saved nearly enough! Determination and generosity are at the heart of this satisfying tale, set in Tanzania and illustrated with glowing watercolors that capture the warmth of Saruni’s family and the excitement of market day.


A Chair for my Mother

This week we’re reading “A Chair for My Mother”

The jar of coins is full. The day has come to buy the chair – the big, fat, comforable, wonderful chair they have been saving for. The chair that will replace the one that was burned up – along with everything else – in the terrible fire. A book of love and tenderness filled with the affirmation of life.

Those Shoes

Those Shoes represents the beginning of our money unit. It’s the story of a child who wants some coveted shoes but his family is unable to afford them. He experiences some strong emotions such as envy, despair and false hope as he tries to desperately find a pair of those shoes.


Rules: Place 4 dominoes face up ordered from lowest number to highest. The player who chose the lowest number (worst) domino last round gets to go first. Assemble your kingdom to score points!

Skills taught: Abstract spatial reasoning, planning ahead, multiplication, being a kind competitor

Cost: $20 on Amazon.

Time/Players: 15 minutes/2-4 players (more is better)

Modifications for younger students:¬†Game rules state that the kingdom must fit into a 5×5 square but we allow virtually any shape.

Can it be played if pieces go missing: If a few dominoes go missing then the game won’t be affected too much.

Is this a game only kids would like:¬†This is a great quick ‘filler’ game that plays extremely quickly, allowing for multiple plays.

The Lorax

Our final book of the conservation unit! One of my favorite Dr. Seuss stories that I must have read three million times, the Lorax tells the story of the Onceler, who starts a business cutting down Truffala trees to make thneeds.